Getest, Honore des Pres, Natural Perfume!


Everything about French ecological perfume brand Honoré Des Prés speaks “joie de vivre.” There’s something so unique and special about each little bottle with its gorgeous packaging and perfectly blended natural fragrance, that it’s actually quite magical with each use. Honoré Des Prés doesn’t just create organic perfumes using 100% pure natural extracts but an experience that keeps you coming back for more…at least it does for me. With 7 different scents to choose from, I have Vamp a New York and Honoré’s Trip which are both magnificent in their own right. Haute Perfumist, Olivia Giacobetti mixes tuberose and rum with bourbon vanilla on top of benjoin, perou balm, and tolu balm in Vamp a New York for a scent that is indeed “addictive, sophisticated, and futuristic” that I’m especially fond of in the colder months. Honoré’s Trip can be described as “pure olfaction happiness” with its cocktail of Maroc mandarins, Florida oranges, green and yellow lemons, and pepper taken from trees in the Philippines islands. It has a very pure light citrus scent that prevails with orange and makes me smile all year long, especially in the spring/summer. As much as I adore Honoré Des, I do wish the fragrance would last longer. As soon as I spray this organic eau de parum, the natural fragrance quickly disappears and leaves me longing for more. If the scents lasted longer, Honoré Des Prés would be eco perfection in my green book.


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